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1 1/2 Twinkling Star Empty Box

1 1/2" Bullet Bomb

1 1/2" Twinkling Star

10 Wala

100 Nexen Deluxe

100 Red Bijili

100 Red Bijili (2018)

100 Stripped Bijili

10cm Red Sparkler

10cm silver Flowers Sparklers

10cm Yellow Sparklers

10cm Yellow Star Sparklers

12 Star Colour Bomb

12cm Red Sparklers

12cm Yellow Sparklers

12cm Yellow Star Sparklers

12cmSilver Flowers Sparklers

15cm Red Sparklers(10Pcs)

15cm Silver Flower Sparklers

15cm Silver Flowers Sparklers(10Pcs)

2 3/4 28 Red Deluxe Tube

2 3/4" Kuruvi Deluxe

2 Sound Rocket

2 tiger chorsa label

2000 Wala

24 Super Deluxe

30cm Red Sparklers

30cm Yellow Sparklers

30cm Yellow Star Sparklers

3D Pot(Va)

4" Elephant Crackers

4" Gold Doraeman Deluxe

4" Hurray deluxe

4" Jackie Deluxe

4" Shakthimaan Super Deluxe

4" Twinkling Star Deluxe

4" Warrior Deluxe

4" Zoop Deluxe

50 Mega Titanic Deluxe

50 Red Bijili

50 Stripped Bijili

50 Titanic Deluxe

5000 Wala

50cm Yellow Sparklers

7 Shots Colour (5Pcs)

7cm Crackling Sparklers

7cm Electric Sparklers

7cm Green Sparklers

7cm red Sparklers

7cm Red Sparklers

7cm silver Flowers

7cm Yellow Sparklers

7cm Yellow Star

999 Deluxe Bomb

999 Deluxe Bomb (3pcs)

Aerial Echo

Aerial Magic (Double Function)

Aerial Shot

Amazing Golden Star

American Style (Golden Falls)

Anaconda Serpent

Assorted Cartoon

Baby Rocket

Blue Langoon

Chakka -Lakka 5 in 1

Cherry Tree

Chromo Art Paper

Classic Bomb Deluxe

Colour Cone(Va)

Colour Flash(Va)

Colour koti (3 Pcs)

Cool Waves (Crackling White)

Crack Tips


Diamond Gift Box (2019)

Diamond Gift Box(2020)

Digital Mixer

Ding Dong(Va)

Disco Wheel

Do Do(Va)

Dora (5Pcs)

Duo Tone (Double Function)

Electric Stone

Eye In the Sky(Va)

Fall In Love(Va)

Fancy Tourch

Fenta Sky (5 Pcs)

Festival Night (120 Shot)

Flower Pots Asoka

Flower Pots Big

Flower Pots Small

Flower Pots Special

Flower pots Special (3pcs)

Fun Zone (Red Falls)

Fury Bomb

Ganga Jamuna


Giant Flower Pots (5 pcs)

Gold Star Fountain

Golden Hit

Grand Party (240 Shot)

Green Channel

Green Fountain (1 pcs)

Green Hit

Green Zoom

Ground Chakkar Special


Haimi Bang

Harry Potter (60 Shot)

Helicopter(5pcs) - N

Hi Hoo (5Pcs)

Hola Amigo

Holi Holi

Hot Mirchi


Hydro Bomb

Hydro Bomb Foils

I World(Va)

Jack Keane (Green) 3 Pcs

Japhake Tree (2Pcs)

Jeep Fountain


Jumping Bird

Kidmo Star

King Gift Box (2018)

king Gift Box (2019)

King Of Bomb

Kings Bounty (Yellow) 3 Pcs

Knight War

Ko-Ko Tree (2pcs)

Lap Top

Lapake Tree (2Pcs)

Lazer Gold(Va)

Lazer Green(Va)

Lazer Show(Va)

Lazer Silver(Va)

Leo Bomb


Lunik Rocket

Magic Angry (5pcs)

Magic Boom

Magic Pencil Big

Magic Star

Magic Torch

Marlox Sonic (Red) 3 Pcs


Max Fun Crackling

Milky Galaxy Fountain



Mix Mash (Crackling)

Multi Colour

Multi Colour Star(1Pc)

Multiple Star Bomb

Night Panther Star

Only You

Optra Magnum Star

Peacock Grande

Pep (2 Pcs)

Photo Flash

Pink Out(Va)

Pista Shine Fountain

Platina Gift Box (2019)

Pop Corn(Va)


Popin' Star Fountain



Power Point(Va)


Rainbow Silver

Ranger War


Real Steel

Red Boom Star

Red Fountain (1 pcs)

Red Hit

Red Zone(Va)

Rockets Bomb

Roll Cap

Royal Mish Max Matches(5 Pcs)

Royal Palm Tree

Ruby Star Fountain

Ruby Star Lable

Silver Channel

Silver Fountain (1 pcs)

Silver Hit

Siren Shower

Siren whistling Sound (2pcs)

Sky Force

Sky Shot (10Pcs)

Sky Surf

smack Down (Green Flash) 3 Pcs

Snake Tablet Big

Snake Tablet Mini

Special Super Gift Box

Spectra (30 Shot)



Spinner Super Deluxe(Va)

Spree (5Pcs)

Spyro Star

Summer Slam (25 Shot)

Super Gift Box (2019)

Super Stick(Va)

Superb Gift Box (2020)

Tap Tap(Va)

Thaiya Thaiya (One By One Cracking)


Tiki Taka (5Pcs)

Tin Fountain

Tiny Tots(Va)

Tip Top

Top -10 Fancy Colour (10Pcs)

Toys Gun


Two Sound Crackers

Union Platina (2021)

Valcano Red

Valcano Yellow

Volcano Flower Pots (5 pcs)

Warriors (Silver Falls)

Wedding Celebration Gift Box (2019)

Wedding Celebration(2020)

White House (Silver) 3 Pcs

Wonder Tree (2Pcs)

Ying Yang - cracking 3Pcs

Zoomer (Crackling Red)

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